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The Ecoco ™ Mini Citrus Juicer

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The Ecoco ™ mini citrus juicer

This easy to use manual juicer is perfect you love fresh, natural juices! Discover the Ecoco ™ juicer that is the perfect way to squeeze your favourite juices by hand with ease!

A simple and efficient juicer 

Make delicious and healthy juices for you and your family with the Ecoco ™. This juicer extracts maximum juice in no time, no matter the fruit! 

The V-shaped spout makes it easy to pour juice into a glass or other container. In addition, the shape of the Ecoco ™ provides comfort and stability for easy grip and compression. It was designed to produce the maximum amount of juice, while providing real comfort of use. 

A healthy and sustainable solution 

This manual juicer is made of high quality wheat straw and polypropylene. It resists corrosion and does not interact with fruit so as not to multiply bacteria or alter the natural taste of your juices. 

An easy-to-clean utensil

The components of this juicer are removable for easy cleaning. In addition, its dimensions allow it to be placed on counters without taking up too much space.