How To Rent Your RV!

How To Rent Your RV!

 Have the kids outgrown camping with mom and dad? Are you working long hours and don't get time to enjoy that RV sitting in the drive way?

There is a solution to that! 

If you're the owner of an RV that only gets to stretch its legs a couple times a year, there is a Canadian start up that will allow you to make money with your RV. is an online marketplace that connects RV owners with people who are looking to rent, offering an Airbnb-style service that costs renters only about half as much as a traditional RV rental company and helps offset the costs involved with motorhome ownership.

If you don't get to use your RV very often then this might be a great way to offset monthly payments, earn vacation money or help with maintenance fees.

According to the Michael McNaught "We have RV owners on the site making up to $20,000 this year after renting out a few time to people wanting a more affordable option".

People are looking for more affordable ways to travel and RVezy is that connection between owners making money and renters find a more affordable way to travel.

Meanwhile, renting an RV from a dealer costs an average of $2,500 to $3,000 for a week-long vacation – about double the cost of renting a vehicle through RVezy.

“We want to make RV travel affordable,” says RVezy founder Michael McNaught.

The website has now been running for 12 months; so far,  more than 300 users across Canada have signed up to rent out their motorhomes or trailers.

“That’s a half-million dollars back into the economy, back into the owners’ pockets,” he says.

The firm has also developed an insurance product that is an industry first. Once an RV is rented out, it falls under RVezy’s insurance policy; when it’s returned, it goes back to the owner’s insurance. That goes a long way in making owners feel comfortable about renting out their property, meaning they’ll be more encouraged to use RVezy, Mr. McNaught says.

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